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On her wedding day every bride wants to feel unique, beautiful and extraordinary and for that reason most of them prefer to wear vintage wedding dresses in San Diego. They can easily get a wedding dress suitable to their style and shape as they can choose form the designs from a number of decades which are not usually worn by the other brides to make them feel exclusive.

Advantages of vintage wedding dresses

The quality of construction of these dresses is better

Wide range of styles to choose from

In general provides uniqueness

Sometimes they are priced reasonably

Other reasons to wear vintage wedding dresses

Increasing trend to wear non-white dresses: Today most of the brides do not prefer to wear white dress on their wedding day. In fact there is no hard and fast rule that a bride should wear a Bona Fide or white wedding dress at this occasion. Actually the tradition of white wedding dresses was started way back in 1840 by Queen Victoria on her wedding day to support the economic trend of her reign as colored dresses were costlier than white. But today most of the brides prefer to wear green, red, purple and black colored wedding gowns. So you can wear vintage wedding dresses if you support the views of Queen Victoria in this regard.

No particular size: Most of the vintage wedding dresses can fit to brides of all sizes. The shape and size of some of these dresses are more adjustable than others. For instance the biased cut of dresses from 1930s is more adjustable than others to allow the brides to move and stretch easily under the fabric. Similarly in 1950s wedding dresses were made in various sizes to suit the brides with various sizes.

Shopping for vintage wedding dresses

You can find vintage wedding dresses at a number of places in San Diego. You can visit a vintage store to choose and determine the suitability of a dress to you, according to its era of production. You should focus on the size of the dress selected by you as it can also be used to search a suitable vintage wedding dress on online stores.

Information about a wide variety of vintage wedding dresses in San Diego according to their era is provided in this write up to help you in choosing one for you.

1920s: The look of vintage wedding dresses from this era includes narrow shoulder, loose fitting sheath without waistband. These sack like dresses are airy. These dresses are considered the best for the brides with straight, petite and apple shaped figure along with small busts, narrow shoulders, small to medium hips and waist of any size.

1930s: These columnar dresses with bias cut give a narrow, slim and curve-revealing look. They are best suited to the brides with tall, slender, curvy and straight figures.

1940s: These dresses with sweetheart neckline, puffed shoulders, shorter skirt lengths, full or narrow skirts and peplums were worn by brides as wedding dresses in that era. These dresses are suitable to the brides with hourglass, curvy, apple shape and plus-size figures. Their broad shoulders create the impression of smaller waistline for plus size brides. They are also good for brides with slightly thick waist and sloped or narrow shoulders.

1950s: The look of the princess cut wedding dresses of this era includes full skirt with crinoline in tea or full length and fitted waist. They are best suited to the brides with curvy, pear, petite, plus-size and hourglass figures. They give a different look to the brides with small or full bust along with defined waist.

1960s: Shorter A-line shifts with empire waists and long slender skirts are the look of the wedding dresses of this era. They are best suitable for the brides with plus-size, apple, straight and petite figures. Brides with smaller bust and slender legs and arms can also wear them suitably as they complement most of the figures.

1970s: The peasant inspired and Victorian dresses of this era give a look of flowy, loose and narrow skirt with renewed puff shoulder. They can be best suitable to the brides with wide variety of shapes, particularly taller girls.

Things to check while choosing vintage wedding dresses

While choosing a vintage wedding dress you should check certain things, like

Underarm stains

Stains of fabric – satin, rayon or crepe

Shattered, rotten or dried fabric

Tears on fabric away from seam

Tears or breaks of lace

Faded appearance of fabric

They can no be remedied or fixed even after spending handsome amount of money and time. You can ask the dress provider if the stains can be removed in any case. Mostly reputed dress providers guide their customers if the stains on the vintage dress are removable.

Altering the dress to make it suitable

While choosing suitable vintage wedding dresses in San Diego for your figure you should also check whether they are worth alteration to make them suitable for your figure. The alteration of vintage dresses depends on various factors including:

Cost of alteration

Price of dresses

Your passion to get those dresses

Vintage dresses can be easily altered to make them smaller in size and shape but some of them which have margin in their seam can also be enlarged during the alteration. You can decide yourself how to alter your preferred wedding dress. It is worthwhile to alter a vintage dress if you are passionate to wear it on your most special day of your life. Particularly in case of non-traditional dresses which you can wear again can be altered at this occasion.

Time and money required to alter the selected dress

It all depends upon the type of fabric and amount of alteration needed on the dress. The cost of alteration can also vary with tailor. A known tailor can charge you reasonably as compared to a reputed one. Alteration of the dresses with delicate fabric and lace can cost higher than with normal fabric.

Thus the brides choose vintage wedding dresses in San Diego if they want to look unique and extraordinarily beautiful at this occasion.

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